Our mission

Why buy a used computer from us?

Taitoarmada is a long-term professional in the sale of used business computers and one of Finland's best-known online stores in the field. We offer high-quality used business computers at a good price-quality ratio for both consumers and businesses. All our operations are handled at the Vantaa office, where we also have a pick-up and service point. Tietoarmada was founded in 2005.

We are committed to amazing, eco-friendly products for a better lifestyle.

Our values ​​and sustainable development

Our daily work reflects our values ​​where the customer always comes first. We strive to assist the customer in every matter before and after the order. Warranty and assistance do not end with the old saying "warranty expires when the taillights are gone". So our most important values ​​are you customers and recycling, which I will open a little more:

Sustainable development: The consumption of non-renewable resources must be reduced, materials reused and waste properly recycled so that sustainable development and limiting environmental impact can become a realistic goal. E-waste contains valuable metals such as gold, silver, palladium and platinum, as well as toxic substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium and beryllium. In the after-treatment of e-waste, it is important to recover valuable components and dispose of hazardous substances properly. Tietoarmada and its partner do just this important separation of waste and recycle it into the right packaging, where it is further recycled for reuse or disposed of completely safely. Another part of us is recycling recycled computers, monitors, printers and other computer equipment still available to consumers. Corporate leasing machines are replaced every three years and they are really good equipment for years to come. These computers are made from significantly higher quality raw materials (warranty 3-4 years) than the supermarkets so-called. "cheap computers" because these devices use old and low-end components, and the shells are plastic, so the warranty is only one year. Tietoarmada grants a minimum of 14 months warranty for the equipment it sells, which can be extended up to 24 months. Safe is not true and you are involved in recycling, as well as saving natural resources.

Our products

We always choose our products very carefully. The products sold by Tietoarmada come from leasing companies in Finland and the Nordic countries. The machines have been used by companies for two to three years. The products come to us in large batches and have been completely emptied with Blancco software from the previous user's data. We reinstall the machines and test their operation, as well as classify them into different fitness categories. We pre-install the operating system on the machines, so the machines are ready for use almost immediately. If necessary, we replace the machines with additional features desired by the customer, such as more memory, a larger hard drive, or we change the language of the operating system. We strive to deliver products quickly and shipments often leave to customers on the same day of order. We give a 14-month warranty for the products.

Our customers

Our customers love our wonderful and caring service. They are private consumers, schools, companies, associations, clubs, etc. All are welcome as our customers and we will be happy to welcome you.