Ricatech RMC250 6in1 Music Center Wood with USB/SD encoding

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RMC250 6 in 1 Music Center

Tässä mainio lahjaidea, synttärilahjaksi, tupaantuliaiseksi, mihin vaan. Soittimella voit toistaa vanhoja C-kasetteja, LP-levyjä jne. Laite on muutenkin hienonnäköinen ja sopii sisutukseen hyvin.

The original Ricatech RMC250 6 in 1 music center does it all. Based on the nostalgic design, this ultimate entertainment center, completely made of wood is a real treat for the eyes and ears. While providing a good dose of nostalgia on the exterior, the interior is full of all the modern technologies we've all come to love.

This music center comes complete with a CD player that reads mp3 files, digital AM/FM radio, 3 speed turntable which is suitable for your 33, 45, and even 78 rmp records, cassette player, USB port and SD card slot! The record feature lets you record with one press on the button directly your vinyl record, cassette, CD and SD card to a USB stick. You can also copy files from USB to SD with the record function. From now on you can save and change your old vinyl records and cassettes, into digital files!

At the back of the music center you can find the aux in & output, external speaker connection and subwoofer output. With the aux-in you can connect any mp3 player, smartphone or (tablet) PC. The aux-out makes it possible to connect the music center to any entertainment system.The earphone jack is based in the front of the RMC250.

Because of the looks en performance, this music center is all you need in your bar, restaurant, office or home. The music center comes with a full range of stereo speakers based in the wooden cabinet and provides extra superior sound. Retro is now ready for the modern lifestyle! Nothing matches the fun and easy-to-use of this professional-quality music center. The music center is delivered complete with remote controller.

Product Information - 3 Speed turntable - CD Player - Cassette player - Digital FM/AM PLL Radio - USB/SD card reader - Encode music from Phono/CD to USB/SD card - Line in/out jack - Build in speakers - 2 x 2 Watt Speakers - 3.5 mm headphone jack - Power Consumption 23W - Power supply 230V / 50Hz - Weight: 7.38Kg - Dimension: (L) 317 (W) 435 (H) 250 m

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